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Age 93
WWII Navy Veteran
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say I am still a teenager
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Jeff's Resume


"I have been reading the great works of Democrat pare excellence, Jeff Goolsby!!!" By Mike Lustri, Former Chairman of Henry County Democrat Party

A letter from

Leon Keyserling,

creator of the laws for President Franklin D. Roosevelt that created our Middle Class income that brought the U S up from 156 years of $1 dollar a day for comon labor and $2 dollars a day for skilled labor sun up to sun down 6 days a week to today's benefits

and President Truman's Chief Economic Advisor(Law Degree & Economics Degree)

"November 14, 1974 Dear Mr. Goolsby.
I read THE RAPED PAYCHECK very carefully. It is marvelous, and I now hail you as one of the most important economists, and certainly one of the most useful, of our times. Your material will be of great use to me in my own work. With all good wishes,
Leon H. Keyserling"
Mr. Keyserling was President Truman's Chief Economic Advisor, which, with the guidance of Mr. Keyserling, is the only Administration, in U.S. history that whipped inflation WITHOUT CAUSING A DEPRESSION following a major war. It was also the worst inflation pressure in U.S. History.

"The Jeff Goolsby SOCIAL SECURITY UPGRADE Guaranteed Rich Retirementbook should be required reading for every American, particularly the Congress of the United States. We need more of his perspective on solving America's problems."R. Terry Holley, Democratic Party Chair, Georgia's 9th Congressional District, Evans, GA

I read your book, Jeff Goolsby SOCIAL SECURITY UPGRADE Guaranteed Rich Retirement, and it is great. I was shocked to learn about the political rip-offs. This is must reading for everyone who would rather retire rich instead of retire in poverty." Randolph Harrison, Rex, Ga.

"Jeff Goolsby SOCIAL SECURITY UPGRADE Guaranteed Rich Retirement, is very interesting and informative. The rip-off politicians will hate you for exposing what they have been doing. Your proposal to revamp retirement is exactly what every Social Security Taxpayer needs. Keep up the fight." Mark Havird, McDonough, Ga

"I was impressed when I read your book, Jeff Goolsby SOCIAL SECURITY UPGRADE Guaranteed Rich Retirement. I strongly recommend that every Social Security taxpayer read this book. It is the best and most foolproof retirement proposal I have ever seen or heard." Danny Kim, Conyers, Ga.

"Your ebook, CORRUPTION IN HENRY COUNTY also Fulton County and Bush Phony Oil Shortage, about judicial corruption and suggested corrections is meticulous, necessary, and is must reading for every American citizen. The risk, due to legal loopholes allowing immunity for judges, district attorneys, and police to disobey the law and not produce justice, is like a rattlesnake sleeping under your bed that could bite you without notice." Mike Lustri, McDonough, Ga, Former Chairperson - Henry County Democratic Party.

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Law Creating History<br>
I, Jeff Goolsby, hereby certify that every proposal and recommendation in every publication offered on this website is based on documented similar or related facts or my personal training and experiences that worked. I have mastered 78 trades and professions, including Grassroots Business and Political Economics, click my Resume link. My GOOLSBYNOMICS was the basis for 2 laws U S President's Economic Handbook, Federal law, Full Employment and Balanced Growth Act of 1978, But, rendered useless with the "President Discretion Clause" and Georgia Residential Finance Agency, GRFA. for low income housing. I created the basis and co-authored both laws. Read each book on this website 3 times and get a living education beyond a Ph.D.

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Jeff's Resume


Beyond Ph.D.
Educator Richard J. Cebula, Ph.D., Associate Economics Professor, Emory University, Atlanta, GA, said upon reading my book, THE RAPED PAYCHECK,(Goolsbynomics) called me and said it was "the most important book he had ever read and that my book should be a required subject in every high school, college, and university in the United States."
Richard requested to co-author it with me for his Ph.D. to get it into our education system. He became co-author in the second edition but we could not get it into the education system due to Fat Cat Greed Monsters secret Country Control.

I would like to congratulate Mr. Goolsby on the publication of his book, SOCIAL SECURITY UPGRADE Guaranteed Rich Retirement. He took a very difficult subject and he has made sensible recommendations that our elected officials should take to heart. Mr. Goolsby would do a great service for our country, if he would consider running for the presidency. We need a leader that the leader can understand the real problems of the middle America citizens. Thanks again to Mr. Goolsby and his dedicated work. Best Wishes, Victoria Flom, Stockbridge, GA

"Your book, CORRUPTION IN HENRY COUNTY also Fulton County and Bush Phony Oil Shortage, is a book for those that think it can't happen to them. I especially like your ideas regarding overhauling the criminal justice system."Roy Harrell, Candidate for Henry County Magistrate Judge.

THE RAPED PAYCECK "Certainly makes a very persuasive argument.", Casper Weinberger, Secretary, Health, Education, and welfare.

"THE RAPED PAYCHECK, Lowered the boom on Washington...The Revelations are astounding", Edgar W. Teasley, Editor, NEWSLETTER, HOME BUILDERS ASSOCIATION of Greenville, S. C.

Fascinated by THE RAPED PAY CHECK.Agree completely with common sense approach", William A. Trotter, President, Georgia Association of Realtors.

"I am in substantial agreement with THE RAPED PAYCHECK", J. S. Norman, Jr., President, National Association of Home Builders.

Fascinating THE RAPED PAYCHECK Book.by a practicing builder who is also an economist", NAHB JOURNAL SCOPE , magazine.

"Most informative...I quote it and recommend it to friends and legislators",C. H. Westergard, Vice President, National Association of Home Builders.

"Logic... so simple THE RAPED PAYCHECK wonder why it was not obvious all the time", F. H. DeLoach, Jr., President, Commercial Food Services.

"Really good THE RAPED PAYCHECK I have told many people about it"Robert K. Friedrich.